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About Mauviel1830

History & brand story

Its story starts in 1830 in Normandy, France, where it was founded by Ernest Mauviel. Seven generations later, Mauviel1830 is well-known by professional chefs all over the world. Mauviel1830 is the definition of a successful family business. For almost two centuries, it has continued to innovate their products while still valuing tradition.

Its cookware for professionals was originally manufactured in copper, which is by definition the best of heat conductors. Far from sticking to this material, the company has found the ability to innovate and diversify, crafting with other materials such as steel, cast iron and aluminium. Thanks to its innovating and modern spirit, Mauviel1830 is the sole company in the world, with the know-how to shape so many materials, ranking it at the highest level of excellence.

Cookware collection

The Mauviel1830 cookware collection is an ode to French gastronomy: the country of haute cuisine and fine dining, wine, cheese and delicious bread. The luxurious cookware collection is based on the professional kitchen.

The stainless steel pans are all made of high-quality three-layer material with a layer of aluminum sandwiched in between two layers of stainless steel. This ensures excellent heat distribution along the entire pan. The whole collection is made to match: every piece fits perfecly together. The copper look in some of the pieces is an ode to the rich history of Mauviel1830.